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Last Conference Call: “How to get WELDONE”?

  • Place: Online
  • Host: MÁTRAI
  • Date: 27/05/2020
  • Partners present:
  • ISQ – Raquel Maria Almeida & Tânia Alves
  • EWF – Susana Nogueira
  • ASR – Danut Savu
  • MATRAI – Ferenc Benus, Ferenc Benus Jr., Henrietta Körösi & Zoltán Kelemen
  • IOS – Edita Margeta & Mirta Szugi
  • IEKEP - Ilias - Michail Rafail
  • #STRUKA – Željko Habek
  • The Skype meeting that gathered all WELDONE Partners for the last time in the next months happened last Wednesday, May 27th. This meeting, led by MÁTRAI, was the first step for the development of “How to get WELDONE” output, which promotes passing from theory to practice, constituting a practical set of tools for the implementation of the WELDONE ToT curriculum using the Workshop Model. During this session, a brief and clear explanation of this Model was provided by MÁTRAI to all Partners, who will now start working towards the preparation of WELDONE educational resources that will support the implementation of the ToT Curriculum.