WELDONE Curriculum

WELDONE ToT Curriculum

OUTPUT TYPE: Course / Curriculum - Design and Development

Curriculum for training of trainers course that enables trainers and teachers to deliver technical training in a WELDONE way - using alternative pedagogical approaches and embedding key competences development in technical subjects' trainings. This curriculum is meant to support VETPROS in using the resources prepared under O2, O3 and O4 and raise the awareness among the educational staff from the STEM fields, particularly welding and related technologies field, of new pedagogical approaches and methodologies that can be used in the system for a better learning, as well as the possibility to embed key competences development in EWF Training System, thus promoting a better prepared workforce in Europe.

Developing the competences of education leaders and teaching/training staff – including aspiring new trainers/teachers and those who have been in the profession for a long time – is seen as an absolute priority, as the desired change of mindset requires a way of teaching in which active learning, with experiential learning and project work, have a main role.
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