Assessment methods

WELDONE Assessment methods

OUTPUT TYPE: Methodologies / guidelines – Evaluation method and tool

Assessment must mirror learning. WELDONE Assessment methods are expected to provide suggestions on how trainers and teachers should change their gradebooks (and their instructional perspective) to logbooks, reflecting mastery of learning objectives rather than mere assignment completion.
If the students don't recognize assessments as a chance to show their learning, then these things aren't even assessments; they're something altogether alien to real learning.

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Fortunately, there are some approaches trainers and teachers can take within their classrooms to change this situation. With a few changes, they can make assessment a loved part of the educational process.
In this sense, and following the mindset change that we are fostering with WELDONE project, this output will propose Alternative Assessment Types.
This is the key to a reformed performance assessment strategy and, in our opinion this matters. A lot. If a trainee is capable but assessing poorly, that trainee will only persist for so long until he or she quits, and that's frustrating - for the trainee and for the trainer.