How to get

How to get WELDONE

OUTPUT TYPE: Learning / teaching / training material – Toolkit

For the implementation of the WELDONE ToT curriculum, the Workshop Model will be used. In its simplest form, the workshop model has four basic parts: opening, mini-lesson, work time, and debriefing.
In this output, partners will prepare a set of educational resources to support the implementation of these workshops. Materials for the four basic parts of the workshop will be available in the "How to get WELDONE" Toolkit.

This Toolkit is meant to be a "ready-to-use" resource to facilitate the implementation of the curriculum, increasing also its transferability potential. It will include videos, exercises, case studies and other resources/tools that the partners deem to be necessary for a successful and accessible toolkit.
This toolkit will not only include pedagogical resources, but also practical resources focusing on the development of the specific key competences that we propose to embed in technical training: Science, technological, engineering and mathematical competence, Digital competence, Personal, social and learning competence, Entrepreneurship competence - these are the key competences from the revised European Reference Framework of Key Competences for Lifelong Learning (EC, 2018) that this project will mainly focus on to further strengthen key competences in VET.