Udruga za cjeloživotno strukovno obrazovanje STRUKA

Association #STRUKA promotes lifelong vocational education, connects it to the labor market and develops systems that act as support to those endeavors.

Association #STRUKA promotes international cooperation through programs such as Erasmus+ thus fostering creativity among young people and their mobility on European grounds with all the benefits that arise from such activities.


ISQ - Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade

Founded in 1965, ISQ is a private and independent company providing inspection, testing, training and technical consultancy.
We support our customers performance improvement and risk reduction, offering high quality and innovative services.


EWF - European Welding Federation

EWF aim is to provide world class, European focused, value added products and support services to its members and their communities in the field of joining, welding and related technologies on an international basis.
EWF has been involved in the preparation, participation and management of vocational, educational, training and RTD (Research & Technical Development) projects as a way of driving forward the welding and joining community.


ASR - Asociatia de sudura din Romania

ASR is a NGO aiming to promote welding and the allied processes in Romania through: - research, development and innovation; - acquisition, systematization and circulation of the scientific and technical knowledge in the field of welding by organizing scientific events. As professional association ASR aims by all its activities to increase the level of qualification of the welding personnel in Romania by developing specific courses. One of the ASR’s main activities related to the creation, development and implementation of a European/international system for qualification and certification of the personnel in the field of welding.



Mátrai Welding Technique and Vocational Training Ltd. is Northern Hungary’s biggest welding training base with their training system relying on 35 years of welding training experience combining traditional teaching methods with new, modern and innovative tools.

Having been involved in international vocational, educational and training projects MÁTRAI aims to raise the professional standard of Hungarian welding to the level of European and international welding and to provide a euro-compatible vocational training by offering useable, long-lasting expertise in Hungary and other European countries.


IOS - Industrijsko obrtnička škola

Industrial and Trade School Slavonski Brod is a secondary vocational institution that educates full-time students and adults in the area of mechanical and electrical engineering, traffic and other services. The School has been active in various European programs and projects since 2009, with already more than 20 projects behind us.


IEKEP - Institouto Ekpaideftikou Kai Epaggelmatikou Prosanatolismou

IEKEP, as a non profit accredited Vocational Training Center, aims to combat social exclusion of vulnerable groups through education and skills upgrading. Among others IEKEP has led and participated in a number of EU and national funded projects targeted to the acquisition and development of skills that can lead to employability and it has been involved in a wide range of projects, programs and research in the fields of vocational guidance, adult education and social inclusion.