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WELDONE Conceptual Handbook: The focus of the 2nd Partners’ Conference Call

  • Place: Online
  • Host: ISQ
  • Date: 20/05/2020
  • Partners present:
  • ISQ – Raquel Maria Almeida & Tânia Alves
  • EWF – Susana Nogueira
  • ASR – Danut Savu
  • MATRAI – Ferenc Benus Jr
  • IOS – Edita Margeta & Mirta Szugi
  • IEKEP - Ilias - Michail Rafail
  • #STRUKA – Željko Habek
  • WELDONE Partners met again for the second of three Skype calls scheduled to give continuity to the activities and tasks of the project, inherent to its Outcomes.
    This successful meeting, led by ISQ, set the basis for the development of WELDONE Conceptual Handbook, a publication which will contain innovative essays and articles about the alternative pedagogical methodologies suggested by the project, aimed at Educational entities and other sectors that may benefit from the material.
    The last Skype call will be conducted next week, focusing on WELDONE educational resources to be prepared by all Partners to support the implementation of the ToT Curriculum.