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WELDONE Final Conference

(UPDATE - November 17th, 10:00am CET)

WELDONE Final Conference was held today (November 17th, 2021), in the scope of the "Digitalization & Innovation of Training Delivery Across Europe", organised by EWF and attended by more than 50 participants (teachers, trainers, VET providers and policy makers)!

As project coordinator, Željko Habek (#STRUKA) presented WELDONE project and the work that has been carried out by the consortium for designing and developing the Training of Trainers (ToT) course curriculum and all the materials necessary to implement it.
Susana Nogueira (EWF) focused on the Pedagogical Guideline for for EWF Training System, a result of which EWF is responsible in the WELDONE.
The feedback collected from participants during the Final Conference was very positive, and some of them were very interested to know how to access to the materials developed in the project.
Felix Rohn (DG Employment) mentioned WELDONE during his presentation as a project which results are worth being part of the EC platform for Erasmus+ results, as best practice.

To access to the presentation used during WELDONE Final Conference, please access here.

You can also access the WELDONE project on Facebook and LinkedIn and keep updated on the next activities and achievements!