Keeping travel angle

Name of the Exercise Motor coordination when keeping travel angle
Number of participants 1-8
Duration 45 minutes
Objective Learning the right body positions with relaxed muscles in order to keep travel angle at welding a horizontal seam
How to conduct it Briefing: the trainee receives instructions on the right body and arm positions to be kept in the welding process. “You must keep the crosshair in the path on the screen, AND you must keep the blue dot in the middle of the crosshair also.” He or she receives instructions how to assess himself or herself with the help of the simulator’s feedback screens.
Act: He or she do the task on the simulator several times with the help of the trainer.
Debriefing After a few trials, they analyze the change of the pistol’s travel angle along the seam. The teacher gives a verbal feedback and a physical demonstration to show the correspondence between the results and the body positions the trainee had during the exercise.
Cycle: They do the act and debriefing phases again until the learners achieve the desired results.
Remarks Length of the workshop may vary depending on the number of learners and the number of simulators. If you do not see the video right below, please click here to see the video and do not forget to switch english subtitles on!

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